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Back in (Blogging) Action!

After quite the hiatus from blogging, dabbling in other social media platforms, but just generally giving my fingertips some rest, I've decided it was time I reclaim that beloved blogger status. In this interim, quite a bit has changed, but yet maybe not quite as much as it seems. I am still the same clever as ever health foodie and fun loving Colleen, but with a bit of a different outlook on it all.

Santa Cruz, CA - May 2017 California road trip

For one, I'm out in the world as a degree-touting, young working professional trying to find myself alongside the many other mid-twenties folk. I think I'm getting there though. Major strides have been made. Hey, I mean I'm working for a company that quite literally embodies the very lifestyle I lead and the personal values I hold near and dear, where each of my days are different than the rest, with flexible hours, surrounded by brilliant, woke people. I impress myself sometimes.

Vega Annual Sales Conference - Whistler, Canada - July 2016

On the personal front, (for you "chowido" veterans) my once "vegan trial week" has turned into 4 years as a plant-based veganista, athlete and activist. It has been like finding the very best, most delicious, most satisfying, most sustainable, most compassionate, most rewarding, most long-term results-oriented solution I never knew existed. It's been a breath of fresh air and a dallop full of yum.

D.C. Climate Change March - April 2017

There's so much for us to catch up on! Where to start? If you want to be hip and always down with the 411, I would suggest subscribing via email in the right most column on my Home page so you're notified when I post! Follow along with me on this new and improved Green Collean blog for all of my plant-based recipes, workouts, restaurant and product reviews, life ponderings, and adventures. I have a feeling we're in for a wildly green ride! Talk soon. - GC

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