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What I Eat In a Day (Daily Routine)


This post has been highly requested and for good reason (I love these type of posts too), so here is my daily weekday routine! Although this routine doesn't happen 100% of the time, it does about 90%. Consistency is where it's at, folks! :)

*Wake up at 6:30AM*

7:00AM - Vega Pre-workout Energizer, Acai Berry

*Gym workout for approximately 60 min*

8:30AM - Sometimes Vega Recovery Accelerator (Apple Berry), when I have an extra intense or new workout and know I will need a little extra boost in the recovery department!

*8:40-9AM - Shower and get ready for the day*

9:30AM - Smoothie bowl: 1-1.5 frozen bananas, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1/2 cup coconut water or plant-based milk, 1 scoop Vega Sport Performance Protein, 1 tsp chlorella, 1 tsp maca + toppings: chia seeds, ground flax seed, whatever nuts I have on hand, oats or puffed kamut and nut butter of choice

10:00AM - Coffee/coffee-like beverage or green tea/matcha latte. So Delicious 'Barista Style' Coconut Milk Creamer in French Vanilla is my current favorite non-dairy creamer to mix with coffee. Alternative coffees I am loving right now are FourSigmatic mushroom coffee (coffee + super mushrooms) and Teaccino herbal coffee (tea that tastes like coffee).

12:30PM - Packed lunch - typically includes legumes, grain, greens, starch and other colorful veggies, plus a delicious sauce or seasoning to bring it all together.

2:30PM - Snack time - apples, carrots, cucumbers, whole baked sweet potatoes and sometimes nuts are my go-tos for portable, satiating and nutritious snacks. ALSO love sipping on kombucha between lunch and dinner (my own brews included!).

3:30PM - More fruits, veggies or nuts if I'm feeling hungry.

6:00PM - Dinner at home - I usually have the same thing, if not something similar to lunch, as I typically cook up large portions of foods to have through out the week at once. I love all these foods, so I really don't get sick of them. Again, I always make sure to include a high protein item, like tofu, beans, legumes, a grain, a starch, greens and perhaps another fun veggie in the mix.

7:30PM - Vega Drinkable Vitamins/Probiotics or Vega Electrolyte Hydrator (Berry) while I wind down. This makes me feel ultra hydrated and ready to go for my workout the next morning!

*In bed by 9:45PM, lights out by 10:30-11PM*

I've experimented for quite a bit over the last 24 years and I can confidently say that this routine makes me feel my absolute best. Hands down. This is how I live my best life.

As you can see here, I give myself a solid window of ~16 hours (6:30pm-9:30am) for digestion. This is often referred to as "intermittent fasting," but it is what feels normal and best for my body, especially going into my morning workouts.

Intermittent fasting has proven to provide for a wide variety of benefits by allowing the body ample time to digest its food through allowing a shorter consumption window. I will be sure to follow up on this topic with a more in-depth post on my research and experience.

That's all for now.

GC out.

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